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Speakers at 20th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty

The rally starts at 2 PM October 19, 2019 on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol. There will also be a press conference inside the Capitol in the Speaker’s Committee Room (2W.6) from noon to 1 PM

Speakers list:
Lily Hughes to Emcee

At the Capitol before marching:

Witness to Innocence speakers (all exonerated death row prisoners):
Ron Keine – spent 2 years on New Mexico’s death row
Gary Drinkard – spent almost 6 years on Alabama’s death row
Albert Burrell – spent 13 years on Louisiana’s death row
Sabrina Butler-Smith – spent 5 years in prison and almost 3 years on Mississippi’s death row
Shujaa Graham – spent 5 years on California Death Row

Scott Cobb with a tribute to recently deceased Jeanette Popp, whose daughter was murdered in Austin. Two men were wrongfully convicted and released after more than ten years in prison. Jeanette successfully urged the District Attorney not to seek the death penalty against the actual killer. If you are looking for 4k camera is important that you do a proper research to find the  cheapest 4k camera for filmmaking.

Jose Garza – Candidate for Travis County District Attorney, Executive Director of Worker’s Defense Project

Nick Been – nephew of TX death row prisoner Jeff Wood, speaking for Kids Against the Death Penalty

Sandra Reed – Mother of TX death row prisoner Rodney Reed, scheduled for execution Nov. 20

March: Down Congress to 6 th on one East side of street, back up on West side of street (on sidewalk) stop at

Speakers at the Governor’s Mansion

Nicie Angie Guttierez – speaking about TX death row prisoner Ruben Guttierez, scheduled for execution Oct. 30
Members of Guttierez family,
TDPAM member to read the list of all the scheduled executions.

Back at the Capitol after Marching:
Delia Perez Meyer – sister of Texas Death Row prisoner Louis Castro Perez (to open and introduce family
Lydia Garza – Mother of TX death row prisoner Humberto Garza
Terri Been – sister of Texas death row prisoner Jeff Wood
Ozell Brandley (invited) – brother of exonerated TX death row prisoner Clarency Brandley, died Sept. 2 2018
Lee Greenwood (invited) – mother of TX death row prisoner Joseph Nichols, executed 2007
Marilyn Shankle-Grant (invited) – mother of TX death row prisoner Paul Storey
Nicole Combs – His Death Row Ministry. Introducing Lewis Bowden, who will read a letter from Pam Perrillo,
formerly on TX death row.
Lillian Mauldin – Amnesty International, University of Texas Chapter
Yancy Escobar Balderas – wife of TX death row prisoner Juan Balderas, speaking for Texas Death Penalty
Abolition Movement

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