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Monthly Archives: September 24, 2010

Court of Inquiry Could Exonerate Todd Willingham

The Austin American Statesman is reporting that lawyers for Todd Willingham’s family are asking for a Court of Inquiry to exonerate Todd Willingham. Cory Session, brother of Timothy Cole, advocated for a Court of Inquiry in the Todd Willingham case when he spoke at the Texas Capitol on October 24, 2009 during the 10th Annual […]

Video Explaining Catholic Church’s Teaching Regarding the Death Penalty

This 10 minute video, with reflection questions, provides an explanation of the Catholic Church’s teaching regarding the death penalty, In addition to the principles, it discusses their application in the United States today. It includes comments by Bill Pelke, president of the Journey of Hope … From Violence to Healing. Bill and members of the […]

Ron Carlson to Speak at 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty

Ron Carlson will be one of the speakers at the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty in Austin at the Texas Capitol on October 30, 2010 at 2 PM. Ron is one of the most powerfully eloquent speakers in the Texas movement to end the death penalty.  Ron will be speaking at the […]

The Real Consequences of Drunk Driving

Plenty of people know that drinking and driving don’t mix—but many still do it, for this reason many companies have made the decision of hire for tracking companies like https://www.cleanenergyworksoregon.org/oregon-based-trucking-companies/, website in order to do a proper monitoring of the driver. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, there are over 300,000 incidents of […]