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Monthly Archives: August 30, 2009

Texas Executed an Innocent Person; Willingham Fire was Accidental

The Chicago Tribune is breaking the story that the investigator for the Texas Forensic Science Commission is going to report that the fire for which Cameron Todd Willingham was sentenced to death for setting to murder his children was an accidental fire and not arson. Willingham always maintained his innocence. If the TFSC takes the […]

Added Photos and Videos

We added as many photos and videos of past marches that we could find to the website. If anyone has any photos or videos from past marches, please contact us, so we can put them on the website.

Trying out a new Theme

Activated a new theme for the website. We don’t know if we will keep this theme, still looking for a good one. This one is free, which is good. There are lots more themes here, in case anyone sees one they like, then we can try that one out too.

Working on the website

Last night, we had our second organizing meeting for the march. It was at Cepeda library in Austin. One of the decisions we made was to use the web address www.marchforabolition.org. So, now we are working on creating the website, and with the help of wordtree,  we will have the best marketing management. We will […]