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Endorse the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty!

If you would like to be listed as an endorser of the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty on October 30 in Austin at the Texas Capitol at 2 PM, use the form underneath this post to leave your name and a comment. Your comment could be why you are endorsing the march, why you support repealing the death penalty, whether you plan to come to the march or any type of comment you like in support of the march. You can add any additional information about yourself that you care to let the world know, such as your city. The website information is optional, but if you have a personal website or facebook page, then you can leave that.

If you represent an organization, and you have their permission to list them as a sponsor then you can fill out one comment with your name and another comment with the name of the organization. We may contact the organization to verify that they want to be listed.

Thank you and we hope to see you in Austin at the march on October 30!

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Scott Cobb


Scott Cobb

I endorse the march and I look forward to seeing many friends and allies at the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty. This will be the 11th annual march that I have attended. I’ve been to every one. This is a critical time in the fight against the death penalty. We are making substantial progress in convincing people that the death penalty is bad public policy, so I am excited that we may see many new faces at this year’s march.

Joyce McCart

Definitely abolish the death penalty. Abolish, abolish, abolish the death penalty. It is archaic.


At a time when the case of Todd Willingham provides incontrovertible proof that an innocent man has been executed in America for a crime that never took place, we must keep speaking up to end the death penalty. A similar case ended the death penalty in New Zealand; a man was executed for poisoning his wife with arsenic, when in fact she drank more of their arsenic-infested tap water than he did and thus died first, and astute investigators exonerated him, but only after his death. We’ve got to make sure that Todd Willingham didn’t die in vain.

yvonne benschop

Abolish the death penalty ! I am from Holland, but I am with you in thought on october 30 !

Franco Zasa (Parma - Italy)

Yes I endorse the march because it’s impossible only to think that death penalty continues in 34 Staes of U.S.A. It’s required for human rights progress in all the world.

Sandra Hansen Norway

how I wish I could be there!!Will be thinking of you though.Have a great march.Maybe next time I can join you 🙂 Abolish the death penalty!!An eye for an eye will make the world go blind!!

Joanne Gavin

Please list me as an endorser.
I am a founding member of the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement

Françoise Villers

I endorse, of course this march.
Death penalty and death row are barbaric.
From Brussels, I am there, with you, in thought, in heart.


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