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Death Row Exoneree Ron Keine to Attend 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty

Ron Keine, an innocent man who spent 2 years on death row in New Mexico, will be a special guest at the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty. He will join exonerees Shujaa Graham, Curtis McCarty and Greg Wilhoit at the march. He is coming courtesy of Witness to Innocence.

This is fast becoming one of the biggest events in the country. I’ll be there“, said Ron Keine.

Ron Keine was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death in New Mexico. Along with three co-defendants, Ron Keine was convicted of the murder, kidnapping, sodomy and rape of University of New Mexico student William Velten in 1974 and was sentenced to die in New Mexico’s gas chamber. An investigation by The Detroit News after Ron and his co-defendants were sentenced uncovered lies by the prosecution’s star witness, perjured identification given under police pressure, and the use of poorly administered lie detector tests. Ron spent 22 months on death row until the real killer came forward and confessed. At one point, Ron says, he was so close to going to the gas chamber that an assistant warden came to talk to him about what he wanted for his last meal. In late 1975, a state district judge dismissed the original indictments and the four men were released in 1976 after the murder weapon was traced to a drifter from South Carolina who admitted to the killing. The murder weapon, a 22-caliber pistol, was found only after a search warrant was issued to open the sheriff’s safe. Not only was the murder weapon found, there was also dated evidence showing that the gun was hidden from the defense at the original trial. Since his exoneration, Ron has traveled the country to tell his powerful story of innocence with the Witness to Innocence Project.

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Carrie Kouri

I am a photographer, who was very touched by these stories of innocent people going to death row, especially Todd Willingham’s unjust execution. What can I do with my photography to help?


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